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Monday, May 20, 2013

Right to Life: Right to Life: Culture: Culture: Abortion is Murder and the beginning of the Satanic Lawless Antichrist State

The Antichrist, the Lawless one, begins with murder of the innocent (abortion etc.) to conquer people in total Satanic rejection of God's Truth and Salvation Who is Our Only Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, and then goes on to every imaginable and unthinkable depravity with that most heinous murder of the innocents just as Herod murdered the Holy Innocents in trying to murder the Christ Child. The always bloody and deceitful and perfidious Deicidal Jews are always part of it. The faithful of Christ will not be part of it nor of any false opposition to it such as "secular goodness." Aram Khachaturian is an example of those in the past who were sucked into the maelstrom of "secular goodness" in the guise of Russian Bolshevik Communism only to find that he had abandoned all truth and become a slave of the Stalinist Communist Satan worshiping Gulag State. Truly a cuckolded fool of the Devil like anyone else who goes down that path denying the Only Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and His Truth and Law.

Palestine Cry: Wisdom

Palestine Cry: The Final Trial: The Justice of God: Israel is the Nation of the Antichrist = Dajjal: The Final Trial of the evil onslaught is upon us which began with the destruction of the Apostate Temple of the Jews in 70 A.D. and will increase until the end of this age - only God knows when that will be.

Right to Life: Right to Life: Culture: Culture: Abortion is Murder

The Coming of the Son of Perdition, the Man of Sin, the Lawless one, the Antichrist, ad Dajjal, the Jews ha mashiah - the FALSE messiah of the Devil

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